Drop-In Dog Sitting

Drop-In Dog Sitting

Starting at $32/visit

Are you looking for an alternative to putting your pet in a kennel? Do you want to get help from a professional rather than having to keep asking friends and family to drop by? Maybe you’ve tried an app but you need a professional company that you can rely on?

​We know that kennel stress can leave your pet with anxiety, coughs, and more. Our experience tells us that keeping pets in the home while owners are away is the safest and healthiest option for most pets.

​Let us help you with our easy-to-book Pet Sitting options.


Standard Pet Sitting Options Include:

Away for a day – Pet Sit: $114/day + tax
3 visits between 8am and 8pm (1 – 30 minute visit + 2 – 45 minute visits)
Precious Pup – Pet Sit: $128/day + tax
4 – 30 minute visits between 8am and 8pm
Spoiled Pup – Pet Sit: $166/day + tax
2 – 60 minute visit (8am and 8pm) + 2 – 30 minute visits (between 12-2pm + 4-6pm)
*Subject to Evening/Weekend Fee of +$12/ visit and Holiday Fee of +$15/day
We offer 30, 45 and 60 minute drop in visit options with a minimum requirement of 2-30 minute visits per day (8am and 8pm) for dogs and 1-30 minute visit per day for cats

Our Dog Sitting Services are perfect for…

Weekend Getaways

You are the type that likes adventure and frequently goes away for a long weekend. You want to work with a company that you can build a relationship with and that provides regularity and reliability so you don’t have to find a different friend or care provider every time you go away.

Dream Vacation

You’ve finally made your dream vacation happen and you don’t want ANY interruptions while you are relaxing on the beach. You know that you want professional, reliable care that will be there for every single scheduled visit, and that has emergency back-ups just in case.

Business Trips

Work has you ON THE GO! You find yourself out of town more often than in town, or maybe it’s just a busy time at work! Don’t worry, we can give your furry friends waiting at home all the TLC they need while you focus on business.

Busy Life

You are living life to its fullest and may not be able to take your perfect pet everywhere, despite wanting to! Maybe you are dropping kids off for practice or activities, working on a big project, or commuting long hours. We can help feed meals, get a potty break, or provide some extra TLC for your pet!

Benefits of Our Pet Sitting Services

Keep Your Pet Home

Avoid the pitfalls of kennels and boarding. When you keep your pet home, you avert the stress on your pet that comes along with being boarded, not to mention kennel cough and exposure to other diseases.

One-on-One Care

With drop in pet sitting, your pet will get the priority care that only one on one pet sitting can provide. We will focus on your pet and helping your pet to have the best experience while you are away.

Immediate Updates

You will receive detailed and immediate updates directly to your phone or app – with a photo! – after every visit. Relax on vacation with regular updates that your pet is comfy and happy.

Exercise, Enrichment, and more!

We will spend the visit however you want! One hour of high intensity fetch in the back-yard? Can do. Lots of TLC and snuggles? You got it. Reading a bedtime story and tucking in? Of course!

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